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Professional Financial Claims Association & EMCAS

About the Professional Financial Claims Association (PFCA)

The PFCA aims to put the needs of consumers involved in financial claims first. Its members strive to work to the highest ethical and professional standards when dealing with their customers. The PFCA code of practice, which EMCAS helped nurture and develop, is key to this - protecting the consumer throughout their compensation journey. PFCA members also work to the same level of standards when involved with other parties in the claims process - including financial institutions.

The PFCA offers its members a voice. This ensures that debate around the rapidly changing issue of mis-selling continues and that, throughout, the needs and rights of consumers remain paramount.

The PFCA works closely with the Claims Management Regulator, Financial Ombudsman Service and all other bodies associated with financial services regulation and the Financial Dispute Resolution Management process. This means that consumers' needs are represented at all levels - and good practice is shared throughout the industry. It also helps ensure that issues of consumer dissatisfaction are aired and resolved effectively.

To download the full Code of Practice, please click here 

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