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PPI Claim - Why Choose EMCAS?

In our experience, when people have been mis-sold PPI, they go through a range of feelings. Anger and irritation at the injustice of what’s happened, a burning desire to get the money back, and sometimes anxiety about the process ahead.

Why people choose to trust EMCAS

The fact is; you only get one chance to reclaim, so it's important to give it your best shot. And given what we all know of the banks and providers, the last thing you want is someone trying to tie you up in financial jargon. Of course, it takes time (anything from 8 weeks to 18 months), not to mention patience and determination.

So to put your mind at rest, here are a few reasons why EMCAS can make life easier.

These days, there are a lot of Claims Management Companies out there, so you'd be forgiven for feeling confused. But here at EMCAS, we like to think we're different. For a start, we've been around a lot longer than most CMCs - and our team of experts really know what they're talking about. And in contrast to the others, we're motivated by a genuine desire to restore financial justice.

We were established in 2003, starting out in a small office in Torquay. Today, without wishing to brag, we're the UK's leading claims management company. We've won back over £322 million for over 700,000 customers. But despite the changes and the growth, we remain the same firm at heart - one based in the South West that's dedicated to righting wrongs.

Of course, history and values are all very well, but how are we going to take the headache out of reclaiming - and win back what's rightfully yours?

We free up your time
There are many things that we choose to do ourselves, like completing tax returns, or doing odd jobs on the car or around the house. However, there's also a very good reason why many of us turn to accountants, mechanics and handy-men. Who wants the hassle when our time could be better spent doing the things we enjoy most, especially when the job in hand can be more complex than it first appears?

Our teams at EMCAS have the expertise to ensure that your one chance to complain is handled in the best possible way, giving you back the one thing that can never be compensated - time.

We remove the hassle
Our well established, highly trained teams know everything there is to know about PPI.
This means that we can take all the hassle out of your claim. Can't find your paperwork? We can help. We deal with everything: checking account numbers with your provider, contacting and chasing the banks and credit card providers, escalating your case and complaining to the Financial Ombudsman. All to ensure your case is heard fairly.

We're experts
Financial products are rarely simple, so we make sure our staff are experts. In addition to extensive training, we also recruit people directly from the financial industry so they understand, better than most, the products in question - and how to help you reclaim. But while we have enormous financial expertise, we're very approachable and always talk in a language that you'll understand.

We're professional
We're regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities, registered with the Information Commissioner, have an industry leading Code of Conduct and have created a Customer Charter.

This means that you can use our service knowing that we're a reputable company which promises to treat you with the honesty, respect and dignity that you deserve.

We're on a mission to right the wrongs of financial mis-selling!
We offer a Free Initial Assessment with no up-front fees. If we think you have been mis-sold we can take on your claim and help you restore financial justice.

This means that you get back the money you're entitled to, safe in the knowledge that, if your case is unsuccessful or if you are not owed any compensation, you won't get charged*. We charge the standard 33% +VAT of the compensation that you win.

We leave the next bit to you
We hope by now you have a sense of who we are and what we stand for. And that you feel confident we'll treat you with the respect you deserve - and do everything in our power to restore what's rightfully yours.

We're ready to start fighting for your money as soon as you are. So why not start the process now by clicking here to request your call back? Then, once we're off and running, you can put your feet up.

* Subject to fees in the event of termination. Please see Conditions 4, 5 and 12 of our Terms of Engagement.

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