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Pensions - Have You Been Mis-sold a FSAVC?

If you made additional contributions to your occupational pension, then you could have an FSAVC (Free Standing Additional Voluntary Contribution). If you do, you may not get the most out of your well-earned retirement and could be owed back thousands.

How were FSAVCs mis-sold?

Sold mainly between 1987 and 2001, FSAVCs were designed for people who wanted to top up their occupational pension - and proved very popular with over 1 million schemes being taken out.

However, many people would have been better off by taking out a lower cost Employer's AVC scheme or by simply buying extra years in their final salary scheme; and should have been advised to do so. Unfortunately this often didn't happen. The impact of FSAVC mis-selling can be dire, with people losing money when they need it most.

Could you be affected?

Given the complexities of pensions, you may still feel confused. If you recognise any of these warning signs, you may have been mis-sold an FSAVC and could be owed thousands of pounds.

  • You were not told about your employer's AVC scheme
  • You weren't told about employer contributions to an AVC 
  • You were not told where your contributions were being invested
  • You weren't told about higher costs
  • You were not told you could have bought additional years in your final salary scheme instead.

 If you feel you could be affected, help is at hand.

How can EMCAS help?

EMCAS are one of the UK's largest Claims Management Companies with over 11 years experience. We are determined to right the wrongs of mis-selling and want to ensure that all those who have been mis-sold to, get back what's rightfully theirs.

Our experts have already helped hundreds of people with their FSAVC claims. For example, in one case we secured £24k for a nurse and in another, £37k for a teacher.

All of our friendly staff will work to get your money back, and our transparent approach means you won't pay a penny unless we win*. What have you got to lose?

Let us help you get back what's rightfully yours, start your FSAVC claim today.

Or request a call back from one of our advisers and we'll get in touch at a time convenient to you.

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