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Mis-Sold Pension Mortgage - Should you make a claim?

If the sales advisor failed to adequately inform you – or really get to grips with your circumstances – then you may well have been mis-sold a Pension Mortgage. Still unsure? Then read the statements below.

Were you mis-sold a Pension Mortgage?

1. You were not adequately informed about the risk
The advisor did not tell you that a Pension Mortgage carries a risk of shortfall at the very time when you can least afford it.

2. Your attitude to risk was not discussed
The advisor failed to properly ascertain your attitude to risk - or whether you were prepared to risk not being able to pay off your mortgage.

3. You weren't told about alternative products
The advisor did not offer you the chance to compare other, potentially less risky alternatives to a Pension Mortgage by discussing the different options available.

4. You weren't told what would happen in the event of poor performance
Did the advisor warn you that a shortfall at retirement would mean finding other funds to repay the outstanding balance of the mortgage - not to mention coming to terms with living on a reduced income from your pension?

What does all this mean to you?
Having read the statements above, you may now feel you have cause for complaint. The fact is, if the sales advisor failed to adequately advise you - or take into account your circumstances - you may have been mis-sold a Pension Mortgage and you deserve the chance to seek financial justice.

What can you do to seek compensation?
There are two main options open to you. You can claim on your own, or use an expert like EMCAS. At this point, you may understandably want to know a little more about us - and whether we're right for you. If so, we'd love to tell you a bit more about ourselves - and why over 700,000 people have trusted EMCAS with their financial claims.

If, however, you're ready for us to take on your complaint, we'd love to help! If you've been a victim of Pension mis-selling, you deserve financial justice - and we're only too happy to do the work on your behalf.

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