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EMCAS Client Reviews for Mis-sold Investment Claims

EMCAS Client Reviews for Mis-sold Investment Claims
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With our help, our clients have made successful investment claims and received the compensation that they deserved


EMCAS financial experts are experienced in helping people claim compensation for mis-sold investment products for customers whom have been given unsuitable advice. Customers were advised to invest despite unfavourable circumstances or were sold a product that did not meet their needs or expectations.

The mis-sale of investments has left customers who have invested towards securing their financial future with considerably less savings than they should have had. As you can imagine, this can be devastating for people who are then left with their future uncertain.

Over the years, the EMCAS team have supported a wide range of cli7ents to help them claim compensation for mis-sold investments, and we strive to continue supporting and advising clients towards making successful claims. See one of our client reviews below of how we were able to help them obtain the compensation they deserved after they were mis-sold investments.

Mr Emerson

“We can’t thank you enough for all your help. Just for answering a few questions, we left feeling the least bit intimidated. You managed to get us £5,947.36.

We never thought for a minute that we were due anything, wouldn’t done anything about it, had not been for your phone call telling us what we may be entitled to, due to mis-sold insurance policies.”

Mr Emerson was left with several investment policies that were unsuitable for him and was unaware that he was entitled to £5,947.36 of compensation. After getting in touch with us, one of our investment experts supported him throughout the process of making a claim, helping him receive a fair amount compensation.

* Certain compensation figures for mis-sold investments cannot be revealed publicly by request of the client. The testimonials above are all cases which ended in compensation paid back to our clients after the mis-selling of an investment.

If you think you have been mis-sold an investment or even if you are unsure whether you qualify for a claim, simply contact one of our investment claim experts today and our team will be very happy to help.

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