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EMCAS Client Reviews for Mis-sold Endowment Mortgage Claims

EMCAS Client Reviews for Mis-sold Endowment Mortgage Claims
Read more about EMCAS customer reviews for our endowment claims services.

With our help, our clients have made successful endowment claims and received the compensation they deserved


An endowment mortgage is an interest only mortgage with an investment plan and life cover attached. The policyholder(s) simply pays off the monthly interest for their mortgage, as well as monthly premiums towards an endowment policy which is essentially an investment scheme. When an endowment policy matures, it was expected to provide the policyholder(s) with enough capital to pay off their mortgage as well as having the potential to provide a lump sum. Unfortunately, the potential returns from these policies have often been overstated and many of them have underperformed meaning that upon maturity, people were left with unpaid mortgages and less money than was invested.

With over 12 years of experience, EMCAS experts have been helping and supporting clients claim compensation on mis-sold financial products. Read the reviews of our clients where our experts have successfully secured compensation following endowment mis-selling.

Mr Walker

“Having been told that we were not eligible for compensation, we were delighted that the diligence and hard work of EMCAS paid off and we were awarded the money that we were due. All we had to do was provide the relevant information and all the hard work was done for us. All contacts with the firm were very professional.”

After investing into an endowment policy that did not pay off as much as initially projected, we managed to secure £9,521.13 in compensation for Mr Walker.

Mr Bone

“Thank you for all your help in obtaining the compensation. Your staff at all times made things very easy for myself, and were always full of explanation of events so that I remained totally informed at all stages of the claim.

I will recommend your company to others.”

Mr Bone invested into an endowment that did not pay off as much as projected, he had consequently found himself within financial difficulty. We were able to secure Mr Bone £1,049.86 in compensation.

* Certain compensation figures for mis-sold endowments cannot be revealed publicly by request of the client. The testimonials above are all cases that ended in compensation paid back to our clients after the mis-selling of an endowment mortgage.

If you think you have been mis-sold an endowment policy, even if you are unsure whether you qualify for a claim, simply contact one of our endowment claim experts today and our team will be very happy to help.

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