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EMCAS Client Reviews for Mis-sold PBA Claims

EMCAS Client Reviews for Mis-sold PBA Claims
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With the support from our team of experienced financial experts, our clients have made successful Package Bank Account (PBA) claims and recovered the compensation that they deserve. Packaged Bank Accounts, commonly known as PBAs are a type of bank account that comes with extra benefits in exchange for a monthly fee. These could include mobile phone insurance, travel insurance or breakdown cover.

The monthly payments are usually between £5 and £25 each month, which some would consider a small sum to pay in return for all of the extras provided. However, in too many cases consumers discovered that they were paying for something that they would rarely use and perhaps not even be able to take advantage of. This would have left consumers vulnerable if they in fact discovered they weren’t insured when they needed it most.

Heavily incentivised sales advisors potentially mis-advised consumers into opening such accounts, which could have left them with a product that may not have been suitable for their needs.

At EMCAS, we are able to help consumer’s assess if their Packaged Bank Account is right for them, and if it isn’t, we will help them to start their claim. We are very proud of the successful claims that are consistently being made with the help of our expert team. Below are a few reviews from some of our clients who successfully claimed back their compensation from making a PBA claim.

If you think you have been mis-sold a PBA, even if you are unsure whether you quality for a claim, simply contact one of our experts today and our team will be happy to help.

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