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What Does Financial Stability Mean To You?

What does financial stability mean to you?
Uploaded by: EMCAS 12.08.2016
For most of us financial stability is key to our peace of mind. Whether that be knowing there is enough money set aside for a rainy day or being able to treat ourselves at a specific time in the future like a wedding, house deposit or anniversary cruise etc.

There are numerous ways in which people choose to bring stability to their finances and this is often decided upon through meticulous research or seeking advice from those in the know, such as a professional financial advisor.

When it comes to planning for our future, some people opt for more radical options such as elaborate money making schemes or high risk investments, whilst others believe that keeping money under the mattress is the safest way. Most of us are less adventurous when it comes to trying to investing for the future.  If you were looking for a lower risk approach when seeking financial stability you may have been recommended an Investment plan, an Endowment Mortgage to provide you a lump sum, or maybe you were advised to undertake the best Pension for you in retirement.

All of these have hopefully paid off and have given you the financial outcome you hoped for, for both now and in the future. But if your financial plan hasn’t paid off this might not be down to just a bad choice or an error of judgement on your part, it may be because the policy was mis-sold to you, along with thousands of other unsuspecting investors .

Although these financial products are there to hopefully work in your best interest, we have established that many are exposed to risks far greater than the investor would be prepared to accept had they been made aware of them. Can you recall your adviser measuring your risk appetite or warning you of the downsides to the investment?  

If not, you may have been mis-sold something without realising it. This is no reflection on your research, planning or decision making. It could be down to factors entirely out of your control, such as misleading advice, a lack of information given to you, or even the adviser simply leaving you with the paperwork to read without any explanation of the product details.  

If you suspect you may have been badly advised, thankfully there is a simple way you can seek a professional and qualified opinion to recover what you may have lost plus interest.

Financial claims are often portrayed in a negative light, however what people don’t always realise, is that thousands of pounds have been returned to clients who have lost out due to mis-selling they couldn’t have foreseen or not being aware of the obligations of their adviser in terms of risk assessment and disclosure.  

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The EMCAS team has worked within the financial claims industry for over a decade, working tirelessly to return those disadvantaged by unscrupulous selling practices to a position had they not been mis-sold their investment.   

Working alongside our clients, we have been able to recover over 300 million pounds from mis-sold financial products, giving them back their lost hopes and dreams.  

If a policy you hold hasn’t worked out as you had planned then call us today for a no obligation assessment. We will be able to tell you if we could help you recover any money you may have lost through mis-selling you weren’t even aware of.

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