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Barclays PPI Claim

Claim PPI Compensation from Barclays

The PPI saga continues to hit the headlines; however, behind the constant media noise, loyal customers continue to be left out of pocket. It is not surprising that the PPI scandal continues to dominate the news and the figures invovled are staggering.

The stark truth is that when customers took out a loan, credit card or store card with Barclays bank, they could potentially have been mis-sold PPI they didn't want or need. Now, many thousands simply don't know how to claim back PPI from Barclays and make sure that they get what they deserve.

Was I Mis-Sold PPI By Barclays?

You might be asking yourself how to tell whether or not you've been mis-sold PPI by Barclays bank?

Unfortunately, there are numerous answers; however, here are a few points that could help you understand if you were mis-sold a PPI policy by Barclays:
  • It could have been done without your consent; were you aware that it was added to your account?
  • Were you told that PPI was optional?
  • Were you told about all the clauses and exclusions in your policy?
  • Were you unemployed, self-employed, retired or out of work due to sickness/accident at the time the policy started?
  • Were you informed that your PPI cover didn't last for the life of your loan?
  • Were you informed that you would have to pay interest on the PPI over the life of your loan (depending on the type of PPI policy that you were sold)?


What are Barclays Doing About Mis-Sold PPI?

Knowing that you've been mis-sold is part of the battle, but it's important to understand what they are doing to ensure that fair redress is given to all those affected.


How to Claim Back PPI from Barclays

Over the past 10 years, we've helped over half a million customers claim over £322 million in compensation for a range of financial products including mis-sold PPI on loans, credit cards and store cards; so you can be assured that your claim with us is in safe and capable hands.

With banks announcing record profits, we believe it's their obligation to pay back compensation to people who have been mis-sold PPI and that's exactly what we're working for; restoring financial justice and reclaiming your money.

If you would like more information about PPI claims with Barclays or any of the other big providers, Click Here to read our PPI blog, alternatively, Click Here to arrange a call back from one of our experts.