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EMCAS are not believers of a Laissez Faire approach to the restoration of financial justice. Over the past ten years, we have earned a solid reputation as Consumer Champions; helping over 700,000 people and reclaiming over half a billion pounds in compensation. Now we're expanding and want to work with you...

One of the cornerstones of our success to date, is the way in which we approach supplier partner relationships. We know that we can only be successful if our partners are successful, this is why we developed the EMCAS Partnership Scheme.

This scheme ensures that we only engage new partners on a long-term, mutually beneficial basis. In real terms, this means that we only seek to enter into long-term arrangements to provide security and sustainability to both parties.

Our Commercial arrangements are built to ensure sustainability and scalability. We provide a full on-boarding framework to ensure that training and support are made available to help our partners both at the beginning of the journey, and for its duration. We provide full operational support, where required, and we provide you with reporting on a weekly and monthly basis to ensure that you have access to all the important details about commercial and financial performance.

Why Use EMCAS:

As you would expect from a company like EMCAS, all our Introducers benefit from the following:

  • Established Over Ten Years Ago
  • Over 450 Highly Trained Sales Executives and Claims Handlers
  • Full On-boarding Support and Training with On-going Business Support
  • Transparent MI Reporting
  • Weekly Invoicing
  • Flexible Commercial Arrangements
  • Multiple Product Support
  • Mature Claims Process

If you would like to know more about EMCAS, the services we offer and how we can work together, please contact enquiries on

Request A Call About Your Claim
Request A Call About Your Claim