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Financial Claims Expert Company - Our History

With so many Claims Management Companies out there, you might want to know a bit more about us – where we come from, and what we stand for.

Where we’re coming from

The first thing to say about EMCAS is that we've been around longer than most. And while we've grown to become one of the UK's leading CMCs, our beliefs have remained the same.

EMC, as we were called back then, was established in 2003, starting out as a small office in the seaside town of Torquay. From the very beginning, we were motivated by a sense of justice. We wanted to stand up for people who'd been hit by Endowment Mortgages or unfair bank charges - and help them to reclaim the money that rightfully belonged to them.

To be honest, we weren't sure how long we'd be around. We were all convinced that mis-selling couldn't last. But bit by bit, the shocking scale of the problem became evident and we began to realise just how many people had been affected.

Such was the demand for our services that by 2007, our staff had outgrown the Torquay office and we opened an additional space in Paignton.

By 2008, the true extent of PPI mis-selling - of just how many people had been wrongfully sold a PPI policy - became clear. We began helping customers in earnest, putting right the wrongs of financial mis-selling.

In June 2009 we reached a major milestone. EMCAS had reclaimed £60 million on behalf of its customers. But while there was much to celebrate, we knew there was still more to be done. Millions of others needed support in reclaiming what was rightfully theirs. Since then we've also launched services to help consumers who've been mis-sold Saving and Investments, Pensions, FSAVCs and Packaged Bank Accounts reclaim their money.

Today, without wishing to brag, we're one of the UK's leading CMCs. We've helped over half a million customers and reclaimed over £322 million on their behalf. But despite our growth, we remain, at heart, the same firm that started out in Torquay - one dedicated to righting financial wrongs on behalf of our customers.

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