Have I been mis-sold?
We're ready and waiting to help you fight for financial justice across all of the following types of financial products and services...
  • PPI Claim
  • Endowment Claim
  • Investments Claim
  • Annuity Claim
  • FSAVC Claim
  • Packaged Bank Account Claim
  • Mis-Selling Explained
  • Pension Mortgage Claim
  • Pension Transfer Claim

Our Passion

We are determined to right the wrongs of mis-selling. We want to ensure that all those who have been mis-sold to, get back what's rightfully theirs.

Our Standards

Our passion drives our standards. Commitment to providing you with the very best service, starts from the beginning of the process and never waivers until your claim is complete!

Your Justice

There is nothing more satisfying than sending our customers a cheque for what's rightfully theirs. So far, we have helped reclaim more than £515 million for our customers!